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RXSOL carbon remover is one of the top-grossing products of Vizag Chemical International. It is an extremely powerful dissolvable chemical that helps in the effective expulsion stores from Aluminium. It is additionally effective in degreasing and paint expelling. These are a few of the reasons why Vizag Chemical International has turned out to be successful with this product.


  • Unique chemical formulation with corrosion inhibitor
  • Non- toxic
  • Extends time between cleans.
  • Effective removal of CARBON DEPOSITS, completely heavy carbon, grease oil, varnish, and other deposits as well as old paints, resins, and lacquer coatings
  • Can be applied by all normal methods.
  • Formulated to be very cost-effective.
  • Does not contain chlorinated hydrocarbons.
  • Can be used on all metals & most painted surfaces.
  • 100% Active.
  • Dries Completely.
  • Does not require special feeding equipment for safe application.
  • Reduce downtime and maintenance costs

Carbon Remover is specially formulated for the removal of completely carbon buildup, grease oil, varnishes and other deposits from the diesel engines. Carbon remover’s unique combination effectively removes carbon deposits, gummy matter, burned heavy deposits of grease. For the removal of carbon, carbon remover must be concentrated and contained in a steel immersion bath.  Due to its uniqueness and penetrating formula, it helps to loosen hard deposits by emulsifying.


Vizag Chemical International keeps a ready stock of RXSOL Silicon Polish for their regular customers at their warehouse in Pedagantyda, Visakhapatnam. Vizag Chemical International provides a wide range of packing ranging from 500ml to 210 litres for fulfilling the various needs of their customers. Vizag Chemical International is renowned for providing the best quality products and the lowest rates posssibleVizag Chemical International has a high density of customers at Gangavaram, Kakinada, Krishnapatnam, Rajahmundry, Rawa, and Nellore, in Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Odisha, Telangana, and all over India

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